The Global Delights Roastery in Eugene, Oregon is where we study flavors and explore everything coffee has to offer. From farm to cup, our roasters continually research, learn and experiment with different beans to craft the perfect roast.

Art and science of coffee

We believe that coffee is an art and science. Coffee cherries, like wine grapes, can vary from year to year, resulting in subtle differences in aroma and flavor. With so much to yet be discovered in the world of craft roasting, we treat our creative process as a continuous study and adventure.

Small batch roasting

The perfect cup of coffee begins with the quality of the bean. We source organic Arabica beans from around the world and roast in small batches using a manual roaster to preserve and develop the natural flavors as much as possible. Global Delights coffee is roasted fresh and shipped within two business days when you purchase our coffee online.

Our roasts

We offer blends, single origin and decaf roasts. Take a look at our online store for our current selection.