Global Delights cofee is roasted in small batches for an enriched coffee experience.


“Global Delights Owner Michael Lambros is passionate about our community and committed to not only developing relationships within the River Road/Santa Clara area but greater Eugene as well. He believes in developing partnerships to accomplish goals and strengthen community.”
Dale Weigandt, Superintendent
River Road Park & Recreation District

“Good, strong espresso and a great house coffee, as well. After meeting the owner and finding out about the community outreach they do, it’s made me an even more loyal customer.”
Jefferson I.

“I actually enjoyed coffee without creamer for the first time. Global Delights coffee was so good that it didn’t need anything to mask the flavor. Yum!”
Shauna P.

“I love this place! The coffee is local, organic and freshly roasted. The staff is always so welcoming and kind. Want to take some coffee home? You can, AND you’ll be contributing to the community.”
Delaine B.

“Amazingly bold, richly flavored organic coffee.”
Iquo I.

“At any given time, I have a global delights coffee in the cup holder in my car! This place is 50% magic 50% joy and 100% delicious. Their coffee is organic and they donate to local community projects—where can you go wrong!?”
Geoff B.

“Brightest smiles, quickest service, BEST coffee! My favorite coffee place in Eugene!”
Mary M.

“I love this place. One of the best drive-through coffee shops there is. Always great, friendly service and the best coffee I’ve had. Thank you Global Delights!”
Katelynn S.

“Absolutely amazing. Such personable staff, delicious food and coffee. Highly recommended for those looking for authentic brews and conversation.”
Drake M.