Our Community
Global Delights supports community programs globally and in Eugene.

Our Community

One of the foundational elements of Global Delights is to give back to our local and global communities. We allocate profits from our online store and coffee kiosk to programs that support education, healthy families and the environment in Eugene, Oregon.

Willamette Riverkeeper

We believe that as the source of all life and our brewed coffee itself, rivers and the quality of our water must be protected. The Willamette Riverkeeper organization’s sole mission is the protect and restore the Willamette River that flows through Oregon’s most populous cities including Eugene, Salem and Portland.

Donate to Willamette Riverkeeper

River Road community in Eugene

We donate $3 to the River Road neighborhood in Eugene for every pound of coffee you purchase from our drive-through kiosk. The proceeds go to neighborhood schools and the River Road Park and Recreation District for the Global Delights Scholarship Fund.

River Road area schools

Proceeds from your purchase have been used to fund garden and food support programs for underprivileged students at four River Road schools.

Global Delights Scholarship Fund

Through a partnership with the River Road Park and Recreation District, Global Delights has formed a youth scholarship fund. The scholarship provides swim lessons and summer camp opportunities for children from underprivileged families.

Riverfront Enhancement Projects

We collaborate also with Eugene City Public Works, the Willamette River Keepers and the River Road community to create a River Enhancement Team. This team cultivates a healthy environment for wildlife and for our community by cleaning up our section of the Willamette River in Eugene.

Find our coffee

When you buy our coffee, you contribute to the stability of our local and global community. Find where you can get Global Delights Coffee near you.